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One of the largest music database in the cyber space. It also has details/reviews on most of the albums ever released.
The first 'true' music channel dedicated to music movements, and brought music videos to everyone's living room.
One of the most popular music television channel. Focus on popular culture and music-related reality programs.
Every Hit UK
The huge database of UK top40 hits.
Mad Music Archive
The biggest online database dedicated to novelty musics, crazy tunes, and comedy artists.
Pop Culture Madness
The online information on everything pop cultures. Their music pages has review of musics from 1800s to the present year.
Classic bands
This webpage has many biographies of rock bands from the old days. The highlights include many old video clips They are from YouTube, so don't surprise if you find some of them have been deleted.
Joel Whitburn's
One of the most trusted name in music research field, specialize in Billboard chart history. He has published many books on every genes of popular music.
song facts
Collections of every trevia details about songs and artists. Most of the information came from the readers.
One of the most popular music magazine. Tons of music information including artists' info, songs' info, chart position, etc.
rollingstone magazine
Another popular music magazine. It contains lots of info except the chart position.
Q the music
UK monthly music magazine owned by Bauer Media Group. The brand now has extended to Q Radio, Q TV, and annual Q Awards.
MOJO magazine
Another UK monthly music magazine by Bauer Music Group. It concentrates mostly on classic rock music.
UNCUT magazine
A popular and widely-distribute monthly music magazine based in London.
NME online magazine
New Music Express is a popular UK music magazine. The first publishing in UK to have singles chart. Update very frequently.
music radar
Very informative music news site. Also has many information on guitar and other music technologies.
This site seems to have every size of news and gossips in the music world. Also contains large collection of interviews
One of the most up-to-date sources on hard rock & heavy metal musics. Also has touring information of many artists.
Channel 4's One Hit Wonders
Channel4's own page about one hit wonders. All of them refer to UK chart and they use Top10 as a standard line.
UK One Hit Wonders
A personal website dedicated to UK Top20 one hit wonders. The database ranges from 1953 to 1999.
h2g2 One-hit Wonders (BBC)
h2g2 is the free enclycopedia project operated by BBC. They has article on one-hit wonders of UK, including definition and some reviews.
UK One Hit Wonders: 1952 - 2007
Another personal website for UK one hit wonders. The list has been added annually, but does not get maintenance or update.
90.7 KSER's One Hit Wonders
This is a list of one-hit wonders who only has one Top40 hits on R&B charts. The list ranges from 1942 to 1979.


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