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Rod Stewart : The Definitive
Standard edition
Bonus DVD edition
Title The Definitive
Artist Rod Stewart

There seems to be no ending effort in releasing the greatest hit collection for Rod Stewart. By the end of 2008, Warner Bros. released the latest installment in Rod Stewart's collection titled as "The Definitive Rod Stewart", which was expected to be the closet to the concise, career-span compilation the fans want.

Although this 2-CD, 31 tracks tried to tell the story with Stewart's biggest hits, it still did not catch all of his key albums. This album started from his commercial breakthrough 1971's Every Picture Tells a Story throuth 1993's Unplugged - completely left out the first 2 albums and some good albums in the late 1990s. There are no "Street Fighting Man", "Handbags and Gladrags", or "Gasoline Alley" to fill the gap of his works in the late 1960s. Nonetheless, this album does make sense because between 1971 to 1993 was Rod Stewart's hit-productive years. And it really does contains most of his best well-known works, from his first chart hit "Maggie May" in 1971 through his last top20 hit "Reason to Believe (live)" in 1993. The producers closed the album with the unreleased "Two Shades of Blues", which does not sound much different from his early 1990s works.

Despite of its incompleteness, this super-hit collection is probably the best as it can be for a 2 CDs collection. If you want the in-depth story, you should go to 4-CD set, Storyteller: The Complete Anthology. (even though it does not have any 1990s materials) But for casual fans, this album is about all of Rod Stewart you would heard from your radio.

NOTE: There are 2 editions for this release; one standard edition and one with extra bonus DVD edition, which contains 14 music videos.

Track Song
Disc 1  
1 Maggie May
2 Mandolin Wind
3 Every Picture Tells A Story
4 Stay With Me
5 You Wear It Well
6 Sailing
7 The Killing Of Georgie [Part I And II]
8 Tonight's The Night [Gonna Be Alright]
9 The First Cut Is The Deepest
10 You're In My Heart [The Final Acclaim]
11 I Was Only Joking
12 Hot Legs
13 Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?
14 Passion
15 Young Turks
Disc 2  
1 Tonight I'm Yours [Don't Hurt Me]
2 Baby Jane
3 Infatuation
4 Some Guys Have All The Luck
5 Love Touch
6 Forever Young
7 My Heart Can't Tell Me No
8 Downtown Train
9 This Old Heart Of Mine [1989 Version With Ronald Isley]
10 I Don't Want To Talk About It [1989 Version]
11 Rhythm Of My Heart
12 The Motown Song
13 Tom Traubert's Blues [Waltzing Matilda]
14 Have I Told You Lately [Unplugged Version]
15 Reason To Believe [Unplugged Version]
16 Two Shades Of Blue
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