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Petula Clark: The Ultimate Collection
Petula Clark : The Ultimate Collection

Being the most successful female singer in UK, Petula Clark has plenty of hits on both side of Atlantic, not to mention a number of collections from her half-a-century long career.

This 2007 album try to capture the wonderfulness of her voice within this double CDs collection. The first 25-track disc is the one that most fans would want, because not only it contains most of her standard hits ("Downtown", "Don't Sleep in the Subway", "My Love", "A Sign of the Time", "Kiss Me Goodbye", "Call Me", etc.), but also some of her early hits that did not chart in US including "Sailor", "Romeo", and "Chariot". The second disc packs with the good selections of theme song from films and broadway performances during 1970s and 1980s.

Unfortunately, this album misses a spot to be called the real ultimate collection for this British superstar. Because it misses a couple of her chart hits such as her first chart hit in UK "The Little Shoemaker" and one of her top40 hit from the 1960s "The Cat In The Window (The Bird In The Sky)". For cascual fans, this really is an excellent choice to buy and properly the only album they ever need.

Track Song
Disc 1  
1 Downtown
2 Don't Sleep in the Subway
3 My Love
4 I Couldn't Live Without Your Love
5 This Is My Song [From A Countess from Hong Kong]
6 I Know a Place
7 Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener
8 You're the One
9 Round Every Corner
10 Sign of the Times
11 Who Am I?
12 Two Rivers
13 Kiss Me Goodbye
14 Colour My World
15 Happy Heart
16 Sailor
17 Romeo
18 Suddenly There's a Valley
19 With All My Heart
20 My Friend the Sea
21 Chariot (I Will Follow Him)
22 Song of My Life
23 You'd Better Come Home
24 Call Me
25 Wind of Change
Disc 2  
1 Memories of Love
2 Vie en Rose
3 I Don't Know How to Love Him [From Jesus Christ Superstar]
4 Look to the Rainbow [From Finian's Rainbow]
5 London Is London [From Goodbye, Mr. Chips]
6 On the Path of Glory
7 Wedding Song (There Is Love)
8 Never Been a Horse That Couldn't Be Rode
9 Twelfth of Never
10 How Good It Is to Know You [#]
11 Don't Cry for Me Argentina [From Evita]
12 I Could Have Given You More
13 Sound of Music [From The Sound of Music]
14 All Through the Years [From Someone Like You]
15 Oxygen [2002 Remix]
16 When You Get Right Down to It [#]
17 Tell Me It's Not True [From Blood Brothers][Version]
18 Perfect Year [From Sunset Boulevard]
19 Here for You
20 All Those Years Ago
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