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Genesis: Turn It On Again: The Hits (The Tour Edition)
Genesis: Turn It On Again: The Hits (The Tour Edition)

In 1999, a single-disc album ‘Turn It On Again: The Hits’ was released as a concise collection of Genesis’ chart hits. But it lacked the materials from Gabriel years, since almost all the hits were made in Phil Collins years. And with only one CD, there wasn’t enough space for album cuts.

In 2007, they tried to fix those flaws by the release of the improved edition, marked as ‘The Tour Edition’. By upgrading to double-CD album, they create additional space for tracks from Gabriel years, album cuts, and some rarities. This album contains most of their UK singles, adding more Gabriel’s works such as “The Knife, Pt.1”, “Counting Out Time”, “A Trick of the Tail”, and “Your Own Special Way”. They also manage to fill in some fan favorites missed in the previous edition such as “No Reply At All”, “Man On the Corner”, “Paperlate”, and “Illegal Alien”. They also include 2 rarities, “Pigeons” and “Inside and Out”, previously only appeared on the box set. This album has 2 obvious flaws (if you would call them ‘flaws’); first is that the producers chose to sequence the tracks in reverse-chronicle order. Second is that singles could not tell the whole story of the band, since they released few singles during Gabriel’s era.

However, it manages to give a nice overview of the band’s long career through the band’s singles – although not the complete story. It is a perfect album for listeners who want to start their Genesis collection but don’t know which way they should go.

Track Song
Disc 1  
1 Turn It on Again
2 No Sone of Mine
3 I Can't Dance
4 Hold on My Heart
5 Jesus He Knows Me
6 Tell Me Why
7 Invisible Touch
8 Land of Confusion
9 Tonight Tonight Tonight
10 In Too Deep
11 Throwing It All Away
12 Mama
13 That's All
14 Illegal Alien
15 Abacab
16 No Reply at All
17 Carpet Crawlers 1999
Disc 2  
1 Paperlate
2 Keep It Dark
3 Man on the Corner
4 Duchess
5 Misunderstanding
6 Follow You Follow Me
7 Many Too Many
8 Your Own Special Way
9 Afterglow
10 Pigeons
11 Inside and Out
12 Trick of the Tail
13 Counting out Time
14 I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
15 Happy the Man
16 Knife, Pt. 1
17 Congo
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