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The Browns : The Complete Hits
The Browns : The Complete Hits

The Browns siblings (Jim Ed, Maxine, and Bonnie Brown) was one of the most beloved country vocal group whose career ran from the late 50s through the late 60s. This 21-tracks, single-disc collection gathers all of their Country and Pop charts into one place. From their first hit in 1955 through their last charted singles in 1968, every tracks here are presented in chronicle order - including "I Take the Chance", "Just as Long as You Love Me", "I Heard the Bluebirds Sing", "Beyond the Shadow", "The Three Bells", "Scarlet Ribbons", "The Old Lamplighter", and "Then I'll Stop Loving You". Furthermore, this album also include some rare gems such as their earliest records "Looking Back to See", , and late 60s cuts such as "Meadowgreen" and "I Hear It Now".

For most cascual fans who seek for their hits and signature tunes, this collection would provide all the materials they ever need. Since this may be the best single-disc, career overview of the group.

Track Song
Disc 1  
1 Looking Back to See
2 Here Today and Gone Tomorrow
3 I Take the Chance
4 Just as Long as You Love Me
5 Money
6 I Heard the Bluebirds Sing
7 Would You Care?
8 Beyond the Shadow
9 The Three Bells (Les Trios Cloches)
10 Scarlet Ribbons (for Her Hair)
11 The Old Lamplighter
12 Send Me the Pillow You Dream On
13 Oh No!
14 Then I ll Stop Loving You
15 Everybody's Darlin, Plus Mine
16 Meadowgreen
17 I'd Just Be Fool Enough
18 Coming Back to You
19 I Hear It Now
20 Big Daddy
21 I Will Bring You Water
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