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ABBA: Number One
ABBA: Number One

ABBA is no doubt the most famous Swedish band of the 20th century. During their years between 70s to early 80s, they produced so many hits in both Europe and America chart. Their popularity led to many greatest hits albums through out the year. In fact, the 1993's Gold: Greatest Hits was already the excellent single-disc compilation for casual fans and 1995's Thank You For The Music was the box set choice for serious fans.

This 2006's Number One album is just another attempt to make a definitive single-disc album. The title is somewhat incorrect (literally) because ABBA didn't have that many of the no.1 hit singles. Plus, their enjoyed the chart successes in Europe more than in US. ("Dancing Queen" was their only no.1 singles in US.) But if you think of it as the collection of the band's finest songs, it is really fit. All of the songs here are absolutely first-rate materials and every one of them are UK top10 singles. However, it comes out a little bit short, with 1 song less than the 1993's album. The remove of "Thank You For The Music" in favor of "Summer Night City" is a wise choice, but the absence of "Lay All Your Love On Me" and "Does Your Mother Know" make it one step further from being the perfect collection.

Overall, this album is on the same level of 1993's album in term of the quality of the songs. But if you can choose, you should go for 1993's album, since it contains more songs, and then you can buy 1993's More ABBA Gold to complete your collection afterward.

Track Song
1 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
2 Mamma Mia
3 Dancing Queen
4 Super Trouper
6 Summer Night City
7 Money, Money, Money
8 Winner Takes It All
9 Chiquitita
10 One of Us
11 Knowing Me, Knowing You
12 Voulez-Vous
13 Fernando
14 Waterloo
15 Name of the Game
16 I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
17 Take a Chance on Me
18 I Have a Dream
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