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Music and acting are both part of the entertainment business, so it is pretty common to see many people in acting business also have a music career. In reality, many of the famous actors/actresses began their showbiz career as singer or dancer before they made it big later on screen. Others started their musicianship after they already made their name in acting field. Although there are many of those who can make an extra earning from this second career, only a small percentages can gain as much fame as they get as an actors/actresses. And only a fraction of those even make a hit on the Billboard chart. Here are the list of those in acting business who have left their name in music history for only ONCE and noting more.


Andy Griffith: Make Yourself Comfortable: 1955: #26
Andy Griffith is an American actor, film producer, and director who was best known for his role in 1957's film 'A Face in the Crowd' and CBS's sitcom 'The Andy Griffith Show'. In 1955, he teamed up with Jean Wilson to record the comedy talkshow record "Make Yourself Comfortable", which hit at no.26 that same year.


Jerry Lewis: Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody: 1956: #10
Jerry Lewis, along with Dean Martin, was a popular comedian tag team of the 1940s before they split for solo career in the mid 1950s. He then tried to make a singing career and came up with the top10 hit "Rock-a-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody" in 1956. But his following works could not keep up the success, and he switched his career to become a successful comedian actor in the decades to come.


The Tarriers: The Banana Boat Song: 1957: #4
An American actor Alan Arkin was welknown for his starring role in many films such as Catch-22, Little Miss Sunshine, and The In-Laws. He started his career as a member of the folk musician group called the Terriers in the mid 1950s. They produced a surprising no.4 hit in 1956 with "The Banana Boat Song", the adaptation of Jamican traditional folk song. Although their version peaked at higher point than Harry Belafonte version, people nowadays are more familiar with the Belafonte version.


Tony Perkins: Moon-Light Swim: 1957: #24
Anthony Perkins was a famous American actor who was best known for his role as 'Norman Bates' in Hitchcock's Psycho in 1960. What was little known was that he also released a couple of pop albums under the alias 'Tony Perkins'. He created one hit in US with "Moon-Light Swim", which peaked at no.24 on Billboard chart on 1957. He never followed this musical success, but instead turned back to acting career. Perkins died in 1992 at the age of 60.


Dave "Brother Dave" Gardner: White Silver Sands: 1957: #22
A Tennessee born "Brother Dave" Gardner was one of the most famous stand-up comedian in the late 50s and early 60s. His style of addressing subjects with Southwestern storyteller made him unique from other fellow comedians. He had a couple comedy albums in the late 50s. He also scored one chart singles in 1957 with "White Silver Sands".


Jim Bakus & Friends: Delicious!: 1958: #40
James Gilmore Backus, aka Jim Backus, was a famous radio/television/film actor and voice actor. His most notable role was a voice of "Mr. Magoo" and as "Thurston J. Howell, III" in CBS's 1960 sitcom 'Gilligan's Island'. In late 1950, he cut one of the silliest record of all time under the name Jim Bakus & Friends. This (literally) laughing recording of a (supposedly) couple's conversation at the dining restuarant about their food really became top40 hits on Billboard in 1958.


Edward Byrnes: Kookie, Kookie (Lend Me Your Comb): 1959: #4
Edward Byrnes, or sometimes called Edd Byrnes, is an American actor who was famous from his role as Gerald Lloyd "Kookie" Kookson III on the TV detective series "77 Sunset Strip" between 1958-1964. In 1959, he teamed up with an actress Connie Stevens to record a funny song "Kookie, Kookie (Lend Me Your Comb)" as a joke for his ducktail style haircut. The song went to no.4 that year and he never made another hit again.


Connie Stevens : Sixteen Reasons: 1960: #3
Connie Stevens is a singer and an actress who appears on many films and TV series since the late 50s. She also did some recordings back in the early 60s and the singles "Sixteen Reasons" became her lone solo hit in 1960.


José Jiménez: The Astronaut: 1961: #19
José Jiménez was the fictional character created and portraied by an American comedian Bill Dana for the Steve Allen Show in 1959. In 1961, he cut a record named "The Astronaut" and released it under his character's name. The silly talk show of José Jiménez became a fluke hit in US and earned him the only success in music career.


George Maharis: Teach Me Tonight: 1962: #25
Public will always remember George Maharis as an actor for his role as Buz Murdock, one of the main characters in the popular TV series of the 1960s "Route 66". He also had one moment of fame in music industry when his 1962 singles "Teach Me Tonight" reached no.25 on the pop chart.


Lorne Greene: Ringo: 1964: #1
The Canadian radio broadcaster-turn-actor Lorne Greene was probably best known form the TV series "Bonanza" and "Battlestar Galactica". He also recorded several country albums during 1960s. His unique style of combining spoken word and singing gave him a mega hit in 1964 when his "Ringo", a story of two western cowboy friends-soon-turn-enermy, topped the Billboard pop chart. It was the only success in his music career.


Bill Cosby: Little Ole Man (Uptight, Everything's Alright): 1967: #4
Bill Cosby (aka William Henry Cosby, Jr.) was a world-famous stand-up comedian and actor, most notable from TV series "The Cosby Show" (1984-1992). Beside the acting career, Cosby also the active artist who has been recording comedy albums since 1963. One of his record called "Little Ole Man (Uptight, Everything's Alright)", which is a parody of Stevie Wonder's "Uptight (Everything's Alright)", became a runaway smash in 1967.


Senator Bobby: Wild Thing: 1967: #20
Bill Minkin is an American comedian who, sometimes, made a appearances in films such as Martin Scorese's "Taxi Driver" (1976). In 1966, Minkin and his friends formed a band called The Hardly Worthit Players. The following year, they released a comedy singles, in which Minkin immitated the vocal style of Robert F. Kennedy singing "Wild Thing". The record became a surprised top20 hit in US.


Richard Harris: MacArthur Park: 1968: #2
For the recent generations, Richard Harris was, probably, 'only' known for his role as the Albus Dumbledore in the first two Harry Potters movies. But for the older generations, he also was known for his seven-minute long hit singles "Mac Arthur Park", which peaked to no.2 on pop chart in 1968 and topped several charts in Europe. It was his only success in music career.


Michael Parks: Long Lonesome Highway: 1970: #20
Michael Parks is an actor who starred in numerous films and TV series. He debuted as the main character in NBC's TV drama series 'Then Came Bronson' (1969-70). Although the series was short, it did help him gained another fame in the music field from singing the series' ending theme song "Long Lonesome Highway". The song was released as singles and became top20 on Billboard chart in 1970. However, Parks did not make any attempt to pursue the music career after that.


Ernie: Rubber Duckie: 1970: #16
Sesame Street is a long-running children television show of entirely puppet characters, called the muppets, which has gained huge popularity since its premier in 1969. Many songs from the program became children's favorites, and one of them "Rubber Duckie" by one of the show's comic duo, Ernie, became a hit singles in 1970.


Benny Hill: Ernie (The Fastest Milkman In The West): 1971: #1UK
Benny Hill is an famous English comedian from his "The Benny Hill Show" from 1969 to 1989. He also had some chart singles in UK and one of them "Ernie (The Fastest Milkman In The West)" became his biggest and most wel-known hit. It reached the top of UK chart in 1971.


Joey Heatherton: Gone: 1972: #24
Joey Heatherton was an American actress who appeared in several popular television shows throughout the 1960s such as 'The Perry Como Show', 'The Ed Sullivan Show', and 'Route 66'. She also cut one hit record with song "Gone", which became top40 hit in 1972 and her only moment in music field.


Vicki Lawrence: The Night the Lights Went Out In Georgia: 1973: #1
Vicki Lawrence is an actress who is best known for her role on TV comedy show "The Carol Burnett Show" (1967-1978) and the sitcom "Mama's Family" (1986-1990). She was also a one-time success singer when her singles "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia" top the chart and went gold in 1973. Although the song was a huge internatinal success, she never repeat this kind of success again.


Keith Carradine: I'm Easy: 1976: #17
Being born into an actor family, Keith Carradine has appeared in many films and television shows since 1971 - including 'McCabe & Mrs Miller', 'Nashville', 'Kung Fu' (series), and 'Trouble In Mind'. He was also famous for his song "I'm Easy", used in the 1975 film 'Nashville' (he also played in this film), and earned him an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for Best Original Song in 1976. It was also hit the Billboard chart and became his only top40 hit to date.


The Andrea True Connection: More, More, More: 1976: #4
Andrea True made her debut as minor characters in some big movies, then she turned to porn business and became one of the biggest porn star in the 70s through the mid 80s. During the 70s, she tried to made a record with the help of Gregg Diamond. The result was the singles "More, More, More" ( released under the alias 'Andrea True Connection'), which became the top5 hit and disco classic in 1976.


Vicki Sue Robinson : Turn the Beat Around: 1976: #10
Vickie Sue Robinson was a broadway/film actress who appeared in movies and musical plays, including the Broadway musical "Hair" and "Jesus Christ Superstar". In 1975, she turned to music industry and made her debut album. Her first singles "Turn the Beat Around" became Billboard's top10 hit and earned her a Grammy nomination for best female pop vocal award. But she could not continue the success and soon faded from music industry by the early 1980s.


David Soul: Don't Give Up On Us: 1977: #1
David Soul was a actor who was best known for his role as California police detective Ken "Hutch" Hutchinson in the cult favourite series "Starsky and Hutch" (1975-79). He also made his name in music once when his debut singles "Don't Give Up On Us" top the chart in both US and UK in 1977. Although he made a couple more minor hits in UK, but he never returned US hit chart again since.


Steve Martin: King Tut: 1978: #17
Steve Martin was said to be the most successful stand-up comedian of the seventies, who frequently appeared on "Saturday Night Live". His popularity leaded to the release of his comedy albums in the late 70s. One of his singles "King Tut" became his lone top40 hit in 1978. And by the end of the 1970s, he turned to pursue a movie career.


Cheryl Ladd: Think It Over: 1978: #34
Cheryl Ladd is an American actress who was best known from her role as Kris Munroe in the second season of 1970s hit series "Charlie's Angels". She sometimes produced the records including the album from Hanna-Barbera's animate series "Josie and the Pussycats". Her second album, Cheryl Ladd, was released in 1978 and produced the only hit in her career. "Think It Over" reached no.38 on Billboard pop chart the same year.


David Naughton: Makin' it: 1979: #5
David Naughton is an actor best known for his main role in "An American Werewolf in London". He also starred in the 1979 TV series "Makin' It". The show was not successful but its theme song "Makin' It" sung by David became a big hit singles, peaked at no.5 the same year.


Kermit The Frog: Rainbow Connection: 1979: #25
Kermit the Frog is one of the most popular muppet character from Sesame Street, who also has his own show on "The Muppet Show". The popularity of show leaded to the making of the film "The Muppet Movie" in 1978. The movie also gave Kermit his only chart hit "Rainbow Connection", a pretty love song that reached no.25 on Billboard chart the following year.


Bernadette Peters: Gee Whiz: 1980: #31
Bernadette Peters is a successful American actress who made her appearance in numerous Broadway musical, films, and television shows. She received many awards, including Tony Awards, Grammy Awards, and Golden Globe Awards. Although she had recorded several albums and singles, only one of her singles managed to hit the chart. In 1980, "Gee Whiz" became her only top40 hit on Billboard pop chart.


Charlie Dore: Pilot of the Airwave: 1980: #13
Charlie Dore is an British actress, and sometimes singer-songwriter. She appeared in 1984 film "The Ploughman's Lunch", and tv show such as "South of the Border" and "Hard Cases". Before that, in 1980, her one singles "Pilot of the Airwave" made a hit in US. She also wrote songs for many artists including Tina Turner and Celine Dion.


John Schneider: It's Now or Never: 1981: #14
John Richard Schneider is an American actor who was best known for his role as Bo Duke in 1980s TV series "The Dukes of Hazzard" and as Jonathan Kent in 2000s "Smallville". Beside the acting career, he is also a country artist who landed several hits on country chart. His remake of Elvis Presley's "It's Now or Never" in 1981 Went to no.14 on Billboard chart and his only hit on pop chart.


Bob & Doug McKenzie: Take Off : 1982: #16
Rick Moranis is a famous Canadian comedy actor from his role in movie such as "Ghostbusters" and "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids". He used to team up with another Canadian comedian Dave Thomas for the comedy show on SCTV as the fictional Canadian brothers "Bob & Doug McKenzie". In 1982, their singles "Take Off", which featured the chorus voice of Rush's Geddy Lee, became a hit in US and peaked at no.16.


Pia Zadora: The Clapping Song: 1983: #36
Pia Zadora is an American actress who started her career as a Broadway performer and appeared in several movies during 1980s, including 1982's "Butterfly" in which she won the Golden Globe Award. Then she switched herself to become a singer and released several albums. Her peak in music career came when her cover version of Shirley Ellis' hit "The Clapping Song" became top40 hit in 1983. Although she later made some more hit in Europe, she never made another hit in US again.


Jack Wagner: All I Need: 1984: #2
Jack Wagner is a soap opera star who was famous from his role as Frisco Jones in "General Hospital". During the 80s, he also recorded some albums beside his actor career. In late 1984, he made a hit with "All I Need", which went to no.2 on Billboard chart the later year.


Tracey Ullman: They Don't Know: 1984: #8
Tracey Ullman is a famous English comedian who started her television career in late 1980s. But in the early 1980s, she was also a singer with two solo albums. On her 1983 debut album, she managed to make a top ten hit in US with her version of Kristy MacColl's "They Don't Know".


Rodney Dangerfield: Rappin' Rodney: 1984: #MTV Hit
Rodney Dangerfield was a respected comedian/actor whose favourite line was "I don't get no respect". He also appeared in many films and TV shows such as Caddyshack and The Dean Martin Show. He also did some comedy records and one singles "Rappin' Rodney" became MTV favourite in 1984.


Eddie Murphy: Party All the Time: 1985: #2
Beside his well-known career as the comedy actor, Eddie Murphy also has a some success as a singer. One year after his mega-hit movie "Beverly Hills Cop" in 1984, he had another titan-fame when his singles "Party All The Time" reached no.2 on Billboard chart. In 2004, VH-1 and Blender magazine voted this song as no.7 of their "50 Worst Songs of All Time" list.


Gloria Loring & Carl Anderson: Friends and Lovers: 1986: #2
Gloria Loring was an actress who performed on several shows, from The Carol Burnett Show to Academy Awards ceremony, through out the 70s. While Carl Anderson was an Academy Awards nominee for his role as Judas in Andrew Lloyd-Webber's "Jesus Christ Superstar" (both Broadway and film version). In 1986, they joined force to record a new version of Loring's old song "Friends and Lovers". This new version became no.2 hit on Billboard chart and their only duets. Gloria still keep on recording but none of them can become a hit like her 80s duets.


Don Johnson: Heartbeat: 1986: #5
Don Johnson is an American actor who is well-known for his role as an undercover cop (Sonny Crockett) in the TV series "Miami Vice". During that time, he also recorded two solo albums in 1985 and 1989. He had one top five hit with the title track of his debut album "Heartbeat", but his second album could not produce similar success and he turned back to his actor career.


Billy Crystal: You Look Mahvelous!: 1986: #58
Billy Crystal is a popular comedy actor who appears on many films and television shows. He has hosted the Oscar Academy Awards 8 times (his last time was in 2004), which is only second to Bob Hope. He also had one small hit singles "You Look Mahvelous!" from his appearance on "Saturday Night Live" in 1985 as an impression of Fernando Lamas.

Bruce Willis: Respect Yourself: 1987: #5
As one of the most expensive actor in the world, Bruce Willis surely has a solid fame for his movie career. He also tried to make a career outside the hollywood as a singer during the 1980s. His 1987 debut album "The Return of Bruno" created a surprising top five hit "Respect Yourself". But his next album was not as successful as his debut, and he never released another album since.

Patrick Swayze : She's Like The Wind: 1987: #3
Patrick Swayze is an actor who is most memorable for his role in 1987 film "Dirty Dancing". Its soundtrack also gave him his only hit singles "She's Like The Wind", a beautiful pop ballad that reached no.3 on Billboard chart. He never followed the success of his one singles.


The Simpsons: Do the Bartman: 1990: #Dance Hit
The Simpsons is the most successful animated sitcom in television history since its debut in 1989. Its popularity also spawned several record albums during 1990s. Despite having no chart hit, the singles "Do The Bartman" from the 1990 album "The Simpsons Sing the Blues" became a dance craze and international success.


Jasmine Guy: Just Want to Hold You: 1991: #34
Jasmine Guy is an American actress who was best known from her role as Whitley Gilbert in 1980s Black sitcom "A Different World". She released her self-title debut (and only so far) album in 1990. The album spawned 3 top100 hit singles, including the one top40 hit "Just Want To Hold You". She never released another singles since then.


Joey Lawrence: Nothin' My Love Can't Fix: 1993: #19
Joseph "Joey" Lawrence is an American actor who has a success career through popular NBC's sitcom "Gimme a Break!" and "Blossom". During his heyday in "Blossom" years, he recorded and released 2 solo albums under his nickname "Joey Lawrence". The debut album earned him one (and only) international hit "Nothin' My Love Can't Fix", which became top20 hit in both US and UK. After the next album failed to make any more hit, he turned back to acting career.


Jamie Walters: Hold On: 1995: #16
The actor/musician Jamie Walters was best known for his role in TV series, as Alex O'Brien in "The Heights" and as Ray Pruit in "Beverly Hills, 90210". In the mid 90s, he released two solo albums and a singles "Hold On" became his lone solo hit in 1995.


Adam Sandler: The Chanukah Song: 1996
Adam Sandler is a successful stand-up comedian, and also starred in many comedy hit movies. His first break came when he played his "The Chanukah Song" on Saturday Night Live, and earned him the instant superstardom. The song gained popularity and became holiday and concert staple. The official version appeared in his 1996 album "What the Hell Happened to Me?". The song hit Mainstream and Modern Rock chart and later followed by part 2 and 3.


Chef: Chocolate Salty Balls: 1998: #1UK
Chef is a fictional character from the popular animated series "South Park". In the episode 209 "Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls", Chef made a sale with his Chocolate Salty Balls recipe. The recipe became a song, which was later released as singles and hit no.1 on UK chart in 1998.


Tatyana Ali: Daydreamin': 1998: #6
Tatyana Ali is an American actress from Brooklyn, New York, who was famous from her role in popular sitcom 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'. After the series, she turned to musical career with her debut album "Kiss the Sky" in 1998. The album went gold and spawned the hit singles "Daydreamin'" which became top10 hit on both US and UK chart. She haven't released any more album so far.


Baz Luhrmann: Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen): 1999: #45
The Australian filmmaker Baz Luhrmann earned his international success with his 1992 award-winning film "Strictly Ballroom". In 1998, he released a collection of remix version of theme songs from his films. One of them, "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) became a surprise hit in US.

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