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the casinos - then you can tell me goodbye
ARTIST The Casinos
TITLE Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
YEAR 1967
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The Casinos was, undoubtly, one of the most obscure group ever appeared in the Rock 'n' Rolls era. Formed in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1958, this nine-member doo-wop group was led by its lead vocalist Gene Hughes. The other members included Pete Bolton, Bob Armstrong, Tom Mathews, Ray White, Mickey Denton, Glen Hughes, Joe Patterson, and Bill Hawkins. In the mid 1960s, they were signed to Fraternity Records (a Cincinnati based label) and released some records. Their big break came in 1967 with their cover of John D. Loudermilk's "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye". This slow-dance, romantic tune became an instant classic and eventually climbed to no.6 spot on Billboard chart. The group tried to follow up this sudden fame, but none of their works ever came close to their first hit. Despite several member changes, the group has been able to stay active throughout decades. Gene Hughes left the band and became a country music promoter. He died in 2004 at the age of 67.
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