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bob lind - elusive butterfly
TITLE Elusive Butterfly
YEAR 1966
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Bob Lind (aka Robert Neale Lind) was one of the most obscure figure in folk-rock scene of the 1960s. He led his own band during his academic years and began writing songs in the early 60s. In 1965, he struck a record deal with World Pacific Records (a sub-label of Liberty Records) where he met producer Nick Nitzsche. His debut singles "Cheryl's Goin' Home" was released in 1965, but, strangely, many DJs chose to play the B-side "Elusive Butterfly" instead. The song gained so much popularity that World Pacific Records later changed it to A-side before the year's end. This gentle folk-rock romantic became Top5 hit in the early 1966 and led to Lind's debut album shortly afterward. Sadly, he soon developed a drinking and drugs problem. He was eventually dropped out after an unsuccessful second album and a couple small hit singles. He cut one more album in 1971 before left the music world for good. "Elusive Butterfly" remains one of the best moment in early folk-rock and have been covered by many artists ever since.
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