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marc cohn - walking in memphis
ARTIST Marc Cohn
TITLE Walking in Memphis
YEAR 1991
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Marc Craig Cohn was a singer/songwriter from Ohio who found a brief success in the early 1990s. He began his music career with the local band in junior highschool, and taught himself a piano in college. After that, he moved to New York and formed a short-lived band called The Supreme Court. He then left to persue a solo career and landed a record contract with Atlantic Records in the early 1990s. In 1991, he released a self-titled debut which spawned one big hit. The soulful piano classic "Walking In Memphis" became a Top20 hit and won a Grammy Award for Best New Artist. He released two more albums in the 1990s before he was hospitalized from a gunshot wond during an attempted carjacking. He later recovered and resumed his recording career, but, so far, still could not produce another hit.
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May 9th, 2016

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