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miguel rios - a song of joy
ARTIST Miguel Ríos
TITLE A Song of Joy
YEAR 1970
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Regarded as one of the pioneer of Latin rock, Miguel Rios always has a passion for music ever since he was young. In 1961, he was signed in by Phillips and recorded an EP called 'El Twist' under the name Mike Rios. He later moved to Hispavox and released his first full-length album, Mira Hacia Ti. (this time, under his real name.) His breakthrough came with the release of his second album, Despierta, in 1970. "Himno a la Alegria", a song based on Beethoven's 9th symphony, became an extremely popular song in Europe and gained him a superstar status. Its English version "A Song of Joy" became a hit in UK and also charted at no.14 in US. Although he remained a popular artist in his homeland and continued to release many albums throughout the decades, he never repeated the same success in US again.
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