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johnny wakelin - black superman
ARTIST Johnny Wakelin & the Kinshasa Band
TITLE Black Superman - "Muhammad Ali"
YEAR 1975
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British singer Johnny Wakelin was well-known for his style that combined the R&B and raggae music. He began his music career in clubs in Brighton, England, before discovered by Pye Records producer Robin Blanchflower. Wakelin got an idea to write a song about a superstar boxer Mohammad Ali, who just won against George Foreman on October, 30th 1974. Credited to Johnny Wakelin & the Kinshasa Band, the song "Black Superman (Muhammad Ali)" was released in the late 1974. Its catchy tune - together with Ali's fame - brought the song to no.7 spot on UK chart in the following year. The song also entered US at no.21 and stayed on Billboard chart for six straight months. He released a couple more singles and scored one more UK hit in 1976 - but none of those ever reached US again. Wakelin remains an active artist in England and released records every now and then.
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June 13th, 2016

As my tribute to Muhammad Ali, I presented the song about this legendary boxer. (which is coincidentally a one-hit wonder song on US's Billboard chart)

Two categories were updated this month. Almost twenty songs were added in New Wave pages, and a couple more titles were added into Foreign Language collections.

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